Notes from Week 1 of reading of the Feynman Lectures (covers Ch.1–5 of Vol.1 of these lectures)

Gaining new passions, reading new books, and many realizations about oneself.

Understanding how a protein that looks like everyone’s favorite videogame hedgehog, plays an important role in axolotl limb regeneration.

  • *IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a summary review of the paper: “Cyclopamine Induces Digit Loss in Regenerating Axolotl Limbs.” I have no affiliation with the authors of this paper, only that this experiment fascinates me, and I, a limb regeneration enthusiast, am writing this article to better my understanding of their…

Creating a world without limits!

My experience going to one of the largest symposiums on stem cell research as one of the youngest junior trainee members — all online!

Thoughts on complacency and how to beat it.

Apurva Joshi

Hey there, my name’s Apurva! I’m passionate about the applications of genetic engineering, and currently I’m working on human limb regeneration!

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